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Betul Begonia

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With the Yarrowees

While you can’t visit Ballarat right now, we’ll be here when you can…

When the last leaf of autumn falls on the Lake Wendouree shore, something (or is it someone?) stirs. Ballarat is a special place in Winter, there is a special magic that comes to life. As Ballarat gets colder, the heart of Ballarat grows warmer. Nobody has been able to explain this special magic, until now…

The Yarrowees are secret to how the good people of Ballarat find warmth and comfort throughout the chilly Ballarat winters. Emerging in Winter to secretly care for the people of Ballarat, each of The Yarrowees has a special kind of ‘magic’.

Bunni the Yarrowee, a furry brown illustrated character



Bunni’s magic extends from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. He stomps his giant feet so hard that he creates a sparkling warmth that flows from beneath to warm the earth and defrost the ice on the driveways, roads and footpaths.

Kurran the Yarrowee a green leafy illustrated character



Kurran can sense when the Winter chill is in the air. She ensures children are tucked up in their beds with an extra blanket or two to keep them toasty all night.

Wally the Yarrowee big, furry, red illustrated character


Welcome Wally

Welcome Wally has a heart of gold and a warmth that is found in his hands. When Wally rubs his hands together and blows gently into his palm, a warm orange glow appears that sparks the heat in every home.

Betul the Yarrowee a feminine purple illustrated character


Betul Begonia

 Betul Begonia makes sure that pantries are always stocked with Winter goodies that warm stomachs and feed minds. If you’re lucky, Betul might even share her famous hot chocolate recipe with you.

Come with us on a journey with The Yarrowees as we

Discover a virtual Ballarat this winter.

A virtual festival

From your home


Test your skills on our Ballarat trivia or settle in for a cosy afternoon of colouring, crosswords and activities.


Keep yourself entertained with a series of videos while staying rugged up at home.           


Our local businesses are sharing their love of  Winter with special offerings for locals and visitors alike. 

play GAMES & Explore

A Virtual Ballarat


Collect gold in the streams of the Sovereign Hill game, or hunt down the missing stars within the Eureka Centre mazes.

There are 5 unique games to play and an interactive map to explore.

Psst… Be sure to click on different map elements for little surprises.

Don’t forget, you can make the game full screen, because why be distracted?

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